Scottish Bagpiper and Celtic Musician

Hello and Welcome to My Web Site!

I am an accomplished professional Celtic musician and story teller.

I have played in Celtic music bands, singing and playing Scottish, and Irish music in Scotland and Ireland for years.

I formed the successful Celtic band North of Argyll in 2014. 

We have toured the USA playing at large stage festivals and events.

Born and raised on the Scottish Border, I spend my time living and performing between Tampa, Florida, and Fort William, Scotland.


A bagpiper, for over 30 years, I perform at events, such as weddings, funerals, and corporate functions.

I also offer a solo show, where I play guitar and sing Scottish and Celtic songs, as well as perform on Celtic instruments, such as bagpipes, bodhran and whistles. 

I have written several Celtic songs that are on my solo CD, 'Alba,'and also on the 'North of Argyll,' CDs. 

Several of the songs are currently played in Scotland on Celtic Music Radio, in Glasgow, Scotland.

If you need Celtic entertainment, or a bagpiper, for solo performances

let me know. 

Great for pubs, clubs, festivals and special corporate events.



Paul Macleish

Professional Celtic Musician

Tel: 727-373-8648


Celtic Entertainment Inc.

Paul Macleish plays bagpipes for funerals,weddings and special events. Tel 727-373-8648