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Corporate Events

I am often asked to play at corporate events and parties as an added attraction to the event. 


There is nothing quite like starting a corporate conference off at 8.30am with the scurl of the bagpipes!

One of the most entertaining ways to open a corporate event is a technique that I call the ‘Interrupt’. The Interrupt is best used at the beginning of an event. I literally interrupt the opening speaker several minutes into his/her opening speech.

We arrange that I come into the room playing a short song to get everyone’s attention. I then pretend that I think this is a wedding party and ask to see the Bride and Groom. The audience is usually in  hysterics laughing at this point.

Then the speaker informs me that this is in fact a business meeting and I must have the wrong room. I apologize, crack a few jokes that align to the meeting, play a quick tune and leave.

I guarantee that the conference mood is lifted. Great way to kick a conference off.

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