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Paul and the Bagpipes

Tampa Bagpiper Paul Macleish Tampa Piper
Bagpiper in Bradenton, Florida
Paul Macleish is a Bagpiper Sarasota Florida

I started playing the great highland bagpipes, and Celtic music when I was 12 years old. I was born and raised not far from the Scottish Border, and piping and Celtic music
has always been in my family .

I remember my Dad coming home one day from work with a practice chanter. The practice chanter is a small flute like instrument you use to practice bagpipe movements before you actually get on the pipes.
He said  “Ok Son, it’s time you started to learn the art.”  
I was very excited to say the least!
I started to learn the bagpipes. 

It took a few weeks before I was ready to attempt my first tune, on the real pipes, and I probably sounded horrible when I did, play, but Dad was overjoyed and I persevered.

Over the next few years I became addicted to piping,
and the bagpipes. I have played in bagpipe bands in the USA and also competed at grade 2 levels in the USA, Canada, and Scotland.
I am available for solo musical events, as well as
bagpiping events, such as funerals, weddings, 
and corporate functions.

Please visit the links below to see how I can work with you.

Celebration of Life
Corporate Events

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